Perez Hilton’s Shower With 2-Year-Old Son Saga: Instagram Photo Of Blogger In Bathtub With Son Sparks Backlash

Perez Hilton is certainly getting an earful of comments over a seemingly innocent photo that he shared on his Instagram account. In the photo, Hilton describes his family motto with the hashtag of “fun,” and described how much fun Perez and his son have during bath time. The way the selfie was taken by Perez is high up in the air, so that only Hilton’s face and his son’s face can be seen. However, with more than 2,500 likes on Instagram — joined by a bunch of comments — Perez’s innocuous Instagram post has gained a lot of buzz.

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As reported by Yahoo!, Perez’s son, Mario, is 2-years-old, and the fact that Hilton would jump in the shower with his son has set some folks off on rants on Hilton’s Instagram page, calling the move inappropriate. That same Yahoo! article has gained more than 2,700 comments in the 12 hours since it was posted, with some going so far as to write that Perez is committing child abuse due to being in the tub with his son.

Though many are coming to Perez’s defense, claiming that it’s quite a normal thing for parents of the same sex to share a shower or bathe with their little kids — others are insinuating that since Hilton is gay, that it is somehow affecting his little son negatively, as if homosexuality and pedophilia were the same thing. Back and forth comments on Hilton’s Instagram page prove that this one shower photo has become a hot topic online.

“All I’m saying is pops never took a shower with me. Raising little man to be a cupcake. Smh.”

“And what do you mean by ‘cupcake’?”

Perez is receiving comments on both sides of the debate, ranging from those praising Hilton’s beautiful family to those calling for Hilton’s head.

“I take showers with my lil boy I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Hilton explained that he was wearing swim trunks, and some parents totally understood the actions, saying that they jump in the shower plenty of times with their toddlers because it’s one of the quickest ways to get ready and get out the door each day.

As if to further address the controversy, Perez uploaded another bath-time photo, which spoke about not letting the world change you, but changing the world yourself.

Hilton is no stranger to weathering controversy and surviving. When Perez first came on the scene as a blogger who was so enamored with his friend, Paris Hilton, that he changed his online persona and name to one similar to hers, he was a lot snarkier and heftier. In time, Perez slimmed down and calmed down some of the comments that he’d draw on photos of celebrities in his trademark white marker.

Now a celebrity in his own right, Hilton has opened up to Wendy Williams about his faded friendship with Lady Gaga, whom many say received a big boost to her career when Perez first publicized her music on a large scale. As reported by the Daily Mail, Perez claimed Lady Gaga was poisoned by fame, and that she only used Perez for his platform. Hilton also claimed that Lady Gaga got drunk during an interview and got mad at Perez’s line of questioning towards her.

Either way, Perez blogs on and continues updating his famous website, along with his social media sites.

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: Perez Hilton attends Macy's Presents Fashion's Front Row at Macy's State Street on September 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Macy's)
CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 24: Perez Hilton attends Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row at Macy’s State Street on September 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Macy’s)

Hilton also continues to make plenty of appearances, such as a recent Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row event in Chicago.

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