Travis Scott And Kanye West Have Something Epic In The Works, Rihanna May Get Involved

Kanye West recently closed Tempe’s annual Summer Ends Music Festival last Sunday, September 27th. By all accounts, the rapper treated fans with the same intensity and high-quality performance that he’s known for. His headlining set has been described as far superior to other artists in terms of sound quality and theatricality. Although, there have been comments that the famous (or infamous) rapper’s methodical approach to performing that night created a detached and impersonal air.

Kanye’s set started at around 8:45 pm Sunday evening and powered through until the 10:00 p.m. curfew. The Yeezus singer started things off with his hit Power before plowing through older tracks like “Black Skinhead” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” to his more recent release “All Day.”

Kanye’s protégé Vic Mensa joined him onstage briefly for “U Mad” before the fashion designer segued into New Slaves. Another one of West’s collaborators, Travis Scott, then joined him for “Piss on Your Grave” and “Blood on the Leaves.”

West closed his set with songs from 808s & Heartbreak like “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown” before treating fans to “Clique,” “Gold Digger” and “Mercy” during his encore.

Their joint performance at the Summer’s End Music Festival appears to have put Scott in a sharing mood as a day later, he dropped hints of another impending collaboration between himself and Kanye.

The “Rodeo” rapper posted two photos that showed them performing together. The first photo, captioned “Travis x Kanye Soon” showed their silhouettes against a reddish background during their set at the recently concluded festival. The other photo was a sketch of the two of them singing, their moves and outfits perfectly coordinated. This one bore the caption “WE GOT SOMETHING WE BEEN PLOTTING FOR YEARS NOW THAT’S ABOUT TO SURFACE.”

kanye west travis scott

What thing West and Scott have been plotting about is still unknown, but there admittedly are a number of avenues open to them. One logical – and expected – move would be a video for Piss on Your Grave. Fans already know mixing Kanye and Travis together can give rise to something both compelling and outlandish as this track, and creating a visual for the song will complete the sensory trip.

Since they have worked with each other before, another collaboration that fans would undoubtedly want to see is a joint tour; and one that involves La Flame’s rumored flame Rihanna would be even better. There were rumors earlier this year that a Kanye and Rihanna co-headlining tour was in the works since both were working on their respective albums. Adding Travis to the mix might result in one awesome trifecta.

A mixtape between West and Scott is also within the realm of possibility, especially after the positive reception that Drake and Future’s mix of What a Time to be Alive received. Travis could also work on a track on Kanye’s upcoming Swish album, or the two could team up in pursuing more fashion-oriented endeavors. While the two continue with their plotting, there are some lingering questions as to why North’s father chose to work with Scott over other artists, especially since not everyone is sold on the latter’s alleged talent or seeming meteoric rise to hip-hop fame.

Reactiosn and reviews to Scott’ performance have always been mixed. In the Summer’s End Music Festival, a big part of the college kids set undoubtedly enjoyed the “Owl Pharaoh” rapper’s music. But others have described his energetic performance as mostly screaming out the raps and lots of backing tracks that seemed out of place in a live gig.

Travis has also been described as a biter. The allegation was first leveled against him by critic Andrew Nosnitsky’s and was picked up by several hip-hop sites and blogs who called him out for stealing the style and the sound of artists like Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and even that of his mentor Kanye.

Despite the charmed life he enviably had in hip-hop, which placed him at the right place at the right time with the right people, it seems Travis Scott still has a lot to prove. Maybe this alleged plot he has going with Kanye will change all of that and finally earn him the respect he deserves.

[Images by Teresa Kroeger and Ezra Shaw, Getty Images]