Petra Pazsitka Found Alive 31 Years After Her ‘Murder,’ Yet German Woman Denies Family Contact

The story of Petra Pazsitka is apparently quite an odd one. The German woman was found alive 31 years after being declared “murdered” by a convicted murderer and rapist known only as Gunter K. What makes her story even more interesting is that Pazsitka staged her own disappearance and lived under the radar for years. Now that she has been discovered, many were astounded to find out that Pazsitka desires no contact with her family.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, after a South Korean man murdered his girlfriend, he impersonated her for quite a while.

Back in 1984, Petra Pazsitka was a computer science college student who had completed a university thesis on computer languages. The then-24-year-old student was reported missing after failing to show up at her brother’s birthday, and a massive police hunt was initiated.

Joachim Grande, a spokesman for the police in Braunschweig, said that investigators of the time period turned to a popular TV show called “Aktenzeichen XY” in 1985. German police were acting “on the assumption of a murder crime,” and conveniently a suspect in the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl from the same area confessed to Pazsitka’s murder.

Based upon this information, Petra Pazsitka was officially declared dead in 1989. However, the body of Pazsitka was never found, and Gunter K later retracted his confession.

The cold case came alive two weeks ago when a woman calling herself “Mrs. Schneider” contacted police in Dusseldorf, Germany, to report a burglary. According to Düsseldorf police spokesman Andre Hartwich, when Pazsitka could not provide ID papers she was forced to admit her true identity to authorities using an old, out-of-date identity card.

What’s more, The Telegraph reports that she had disappeared on purpose, concocting a plan where she saved living money before moving into an apartment she had silently rented. Over the last 30 years, she lived under assumed names in multiple German cities, making do without a social security card, a drivers’ licence, or a passport.

“She did not even have a bank account and paid all her bills cash,” police spokesman Grande said, according NBC.

Grande said Petra Pazsitka would not explain why she disappeared, or why she was living under the radar for so many years, but the German woman admitted family issues were not behind her disappearance.

“Her father passed away a few years ago, but her brother and mother were in shock and tears when they heard the news,” the police spokesman said.

Petra Pazsitka’s family asked police to give their missing daughter a letter. The family hopes to be one day be reunited, but she has claimed that she does not want any future contact with her family.

[Image via Aktenzeichen XY]