Why Pop-Up Retail Stores Are Popping Up Everywhere

These days, there have been pop-up retail stores that just keep on popping everywhere. There are many different types of pop-up stores and they range from the modular retail establishments up to those that are housed in shipping containers. No matter what the format is, these pop-up stores have amazing benefits to offer for everyone. For example, Jessica Alba recently opened a six-month pop-up store for Honest Beauty from her Honest Company in order to test the waters, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Since the pop-up shops are temporary and a smaller size than those of the conventional stores, the rental cost is relatively lower. This is beneficial for the new businesses who do not have extra funds to lease the traditional retail space.

Pop-up stores also help create a buzz. One of the best benefits of pop-up shops is that they help brands start buzzing.

UGG recently opened a pop-up store in San Francisco for men only, reports MarketWatch, and the men-only aspect certainly brought buzz. Outside of that pop-up store, they already have New York and Hawaii permanent locations of UGG® for Men stores.

The pop-up retail stores are great marketing tools because they draw attention. This makes everyone interested in the sudden existence of such a store, most especially if they look unique. Big brands place their own pop-up stores anywhere in the world, as it helps them in promoting their brand, without spending too much money for marketing.

They represent a short-term commitment and don’t lock companies into a tiresome rental agreement. The brand will be the only one committed for a certain period of time. This means that the brand can easily adapt to the changes in its marketing and business plans as a whole. Additionally, a brand could open up the pop-up shop whenever the traffic and sales are expected to be high, and simply close it down during the months when it’s slower.

Pop-up stores spur spontaneous purchases, because the temporary nature of pop-up stores creates a good sense of urgency among the customers to purchase what they want. Unlike the traditional retail establishments, these types of stores have presented themselves as the limited edition for which everyone must take advantage now, rather than regretting later for not buying.

It’s also an extension of a brand. Certain big brands have created their own pop-up retail stores everywhere in the world, which has helped them to extend their brand and create awareness. The pop-up stores have provided a great way to interact with customers and educate them about their products. Expect more pop-up stores to pop-up everywhere.

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