Scott Stapp Discusses Recovery And Possible Creed Reunion

Creed frontman Scott Stapp has spoken out about his well-publicized decline last year, addressing his current recovery and the future of his band ahead of the premiere of VH1’s reality show Couples Therapy, on which he and his wife appear.

Last year, Stapp made international headlines with increasingly bizarre behavior, which came after nearly a decade of arrests, suicide attempts, and a short, single-album reunion with Creed that saw the singer traveling on a separate bus from his bandmates. In 2014, Stapp posted a video to Facebook in which he claimed to be both broke and homeless, which was followed by the singer reportedly claiming to be in the CIA and threatening the life of President Obama. As Us Weekly reports, Stapp and his wife revealed in May of this year that he suffers from bipolar disorder, and he is now both sober and medicated.

In an effort to strengthen their marriage (which was threatened by last year’s trials), the Stapps signed on with Couples Therapy, the newest season of which premieres on October 7. Though they admit they aren’t reality TV stars, the couple recently sat down with Billboard to discuss Scott Stapp’s recovery.

Stapp cites an overdose of a prescription he was legitimately taking for sending him into a psychosis, in which he claims to have not only felt paranoid about the world around him but also confused about his wife’s inability to believe him.

“I remember desperately trying to convince my wife that what I was believing was real — that I was being followed, that I was involved in some type of mind-control experiment. I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t believe me.”

Jaclyn Stapp at first believed that her husband was simply suffering through a typical relapse and thought him to be selfish in choosing drugs and alcohol over his family. After several weeks, however, she realized her husband’s true situation and re-established contact with him.

Though they admit that signing up for Couples Therapy was a daunting choice, the Stapps now believe it was the right one and say they are proud of their shared recovery. In the near future, Scott Stapp plans to tour, hoping to raise awareness for mental illness. The singer also cited a Creed retrospective hitting shelves this fall and acknowledged that he recently met with guitarist Mark Tremonti and discussed the future of their band. Though Creed has been inactive since 2012, Scott Stapp expressed his hopes that the band will be making new music sometime in the near future.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]