Heather Dubrow Reveals Little Progress Has Been Made On Mansion

Heather Dubrow proudly announced that she would be selling her mansion last year and would be building a brand new home. Why? Their original mansion had been built with the idea that the family would only have a certain amount of children — and then Dubrow became pregnant with their youngest daughter, Colette. Rather than add to the home, the family decided to get a rental, sell the mansion, and build a brand new home.

And this construction project has been Heather Dubrow’s main storyline this year. Heather has been working on their mansion, planning out the kitchen cabinets, drawing sketches for personalized touches for the home — and meeting with contractors. Meanwhile, Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow has been working up a storm to make sure the family can fund this entire project.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now revealing that there hasn’t been much progress on her mansion. Of course, Dubrow has shown Real Housewives fans the progress over the years — everything from her first dig to the frame that was put in place this year. These days, Heather is finalizing the details in the home.

“Well, I guess moving in by the holidays was a miscalculation…. Maybe February?!?!” Dubrow questioned while sharing a photo from the home the other day, hinting that the family won’t be moving in before Christmas.


The shocking part is that the home doesn’t look any different from when the ladies stopped by for a luncheon. While filming The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather hosted the ladies for a luncheon right in the middle of the construction. Dubrow had set up a dining room for them, where they could safely sit and enjoy lunch. That was filmed months ago, and the home doesn’t look much different.

“Not much progress from the dinner party you held….,” one follower wrote to Heather, while another added, “I was just wondering how your house was going. With a home that huge it would take a long time to be finished.” A third follower appeared more concerned with the painting, chiming in, “Looks like you have at least 6 mos of painting ahead!”

Of course, Dubrow has put her heart and soul into the home, and fans saw how emotional she got when she pitched a design to her husband Terry over dinner. These days, Heather admits that she was a little emotional.

“I was excited about showing Terry the sketch of the tree. It wasn’t a final drawing by any means, so changes could be made. I didn’t expect him to read my mind, I said ‘I love this,’ ‘this is so special,’ ‘I’ve been working hard on this.’ Maybe I was tired, overly sensitive, or hormonal, but I wasn’t really asking his opinion. I just wanted him to like it. Or pretend to like it. Or act like he is pretending to like it. Does this seem ridiculous? Yes! Juvenile? Probably! Do I care? NO! (HaHa)” Dubrow revealed in her blog, as reported by Reality Tea.

Are you surprised that Heather Dubrow is sharing this update on the home?

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