Main Event At ‘M-1 Challenge 61’ Ends Horrifically — Watch How Marcin Tybura Earned His TKO Win Against Ante Delija [Video]

When it comes to the sport of MMA, its participants understand there is a degree of danger given the fact it is a combat sport. Despite this, there are times when said fighters throw caution to the wind to give it their all, not just for themselves but to put on a spectacular show for MMA fans. Wu Ze did such in an attempt to finish the fight against a downed Wu Hui Quang in a ONE Championship event resulting in “the craziest low blow in MMA history.” Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald also did such during their fight at UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor, delivering a five-round performance that easily stole the show yet possibly shaved numerous years off of their careers.

The aforementioned are prime examples of how dangerous MMA can be, especially when fighters give it their all. Yet, danger may also lurk in the form of that one perfect hit. That is the case with the main event at M-1 Challenge 61 when Marcin Tybura defeated Ante Delija. Actually, the outcome is quite horrible. The video below shows exactly what happened. Warning: the video below contains graphic scenes.

This is a case of one MMA fighter throwing a low kick and the other MMA fighter checking it, resulting in the former breaking their leg. In this case, Ante Delija had the misfortune to suffer such an experience after Marcin Tybura checked his kick with his shin, as reported by Sherdog.

Fox Sports also reported on the horrific outcome providing intricate detail. At around the 2:52 mark in the first round, Ante Delija threw a leg kick which Marcin Tybura checked. Upon contact, a loud snapping sound could be heard which is Delija’s shin bone snapping in half. He tries to plant his foot but due to the fact his shin is broken, he falls backwards. Tybura, who probably didn’t know at the time Delija broke his leg, mounts him for ground and pound. Thankfully, Tybura stopped when he realized Delija was trying to convey to him his leg was broken. Once Tybura realizes what happens, he gets off of Delija quickly, clearly expressing concern.

Though the fight ended in such a horrific fashion, it is an official win for Marcin Tybura. His record now stands at 13-1-0, with him breaking Ante Delija’s leg counted as a TKO victory. Despite this, it is most likely Tybura did not feel like celebrating. As for those who were watching M-1 Challenge 61, such an outcome surely has marred the main event.

[Image via Screen Capture of Highlight from M-1 Challenge 61]