WWE News: Huge Backstage Update On WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been out of action from the WWE for months now. It is sad to see, because he just came back from a serious injury and ended up getting a simple concussion. The problem is that WWE is going through a lot of weird situations that very well could be causing them to not clear the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE doctors still will not clear Bryan to return to action. However, Bryan has been seen by outside doctors who have cleared him to return to the ring as long as a few months ago. It is said that Bryan continues to push the WWE officials hard for a return. This is probably why we continue to see him bring up returning to the ring, and WWE not wanting him to do interviews whenever he can.

Daniel Bryan has expressed that he knows he can’t be off TV too much longer if they still want to capitalize on his momentum and popularity. WWE also needs another top face character right now, and Bryan makes the most sense for this, as a return would easily be big — so much so that he could be thrown into a big match right away.

The problem is that it is doubtful that WWE will bring Bryan back any time soon. The reason he is out is most likely due to the concussion lawsuit WWE is involved in. If Bryan is hurt anywhere other than his head or neck and was cleared by an outside doc, he would already be back to action. However, due to this lawsuit, WWE is taking things very slow and being very cautious.

This is not because they don’t want Bryan to come back, rather, it is because they don’t want the lawsuit to have anything to use for present day WWE Superstars. Of course, any lawyer with half a brain can simply say that Bryan was diagnosed with a concussion if they truly planned to use the present day argument. WWE just feels that even if Bryan is 100 percent right now, it would be better to wait off and let everything settle before bringing him back to the ring.

This was a big reason why WWE was hesitant to put up what was wrong with Daniel Bryan on WWE for the longest time. It took news sources to find out the real details of the injury. That said, had no one known about his concussion, Bryan may already be back to action. As far as a return time, it is unknown at this time. However, Bryan can return whenever WWE allows him to.

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