Chris Brown Doesn’t Care About Rihanna Dating Travis Scott, ‘Loyal’ Singer Has ‘Mad Love’ For Ex

Chris Brown and Rihanna may have ignited dating rumors earlier this summer, but is Brown really jealous over Rihanna’s rumored relationship with rapper Travis Scott?

While rumors suggest that Brown is upset over Rihanna’s budding relationship with Scott, sources close to Chris Brown explain to Urban Islandz that the “Loyal” singer has no problem with his ex-girlfriend dating Travis.

“Chris and Travis are friends and so is he and Rihanna so there is no ill feelings or anything like that these are all BS,” the source explains of rumors that suggest Brown dissed Travis by implying that he’s a “downgrade” for Rihanna.

“Breezy has mad love for Rihanna and wants her to be happy with whomever she chooses to date so all these rumors are not true.”

The source also adds that Brown is not attempting to interfere in Rihanna’s new relationship with Scott, noting that the duo have moved on from one another since their split in 2013.

“People should just let these two get on with their lives and stop trying to always link them in every situation because they are both doing their thing and are both living their separate lives,” the source continues.

“[Rihanna] and Chris are two dope artists who had a history and that is all in the past. None of them are interfering with each other’s lives so folks should let them be them and let them continue to make great music,” the source concludes.

The news comes on the heels of reports that suggest Travis Scott is hoping for Chris Brown’s “blessing” before taking his relationship with Rihanna to the next level.

Hollywood Life reports that according to sources close to Rihanna, Scott “really digs Rihanna and believes he can have a future with her.”

The source explains, “He’s had many women in his life, but none of them compare to how sexy, intelligent and loving Rihanna is.”

Rihanna’s source further explains that Scott is hoping that their budding romance doesn’t create tension in his friendship with Brown, especially since Travis and Chris are talking about collaborating in the future.

“Travis and [Rihanna] have talked about Chris and she told him that he’s a very ‘special person’ in her life and that she will ‘always love him.’ Travis thinks that’s noble of them to have that connection, and he just wants to make sure Breezy is cool with his connection to Rihanna,” the source continues.

“Plus, the music biz is very small. Everyone knows everyone. And Travis wants to work with Chris in the future and doesn’t want his dating Rihanna to become a future problem in his career,” the source concludes.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s reaction to Rihanna dating Travis Scott?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Christopher Polk]