Dwayne Johnson Jumps Into Pool Fully Clothed To Save Puppy, Rewarded With New Human Baby On The Way With Partner Lauren Hashian

Dwayne Johnson would probably agree that these last few weeks have been eventful, to say the least. Dwayne Johnson and his partner Lauren Hashian celebrated Labor Day weekend by adopting two French bulldog puppies, named Brutus and Hobbs.


According to Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram post, the Furious 7 star had an unusual fatherhood moment within hours of bringing his two new puppies home. Apparently, upon seeing the enormous swimming pool at Dwayne Johnson’s home, both puppies ran straight for it and fell into the deep end. It seems that one puppy saved his own life by doing what most people thought dogs could do instinctively – doggy paddle – while the other puppy sank “heads first to the bottom of the pool.”

As People reported, Dwayne Johnson instinctively jumped straight into the swimming pool to rescue his drowning pup. While the story has a happy ending for Dwayne Johnson and his two new puppies, it was bad news for Dwayne’s cell phone, which the actor jokingly mentioned in his Instagram post.

Dwayne Johnson already has a 14-year-old daughter, Simone, who he shares with his ex-wife and now close friend Dany Garcia. Now with two new puppies to look after, it seems that Dwayne Johnson is going to need all the fatherhood skills he can get, as it has been reported by Us Weekly that Dwayne and his partner Lauren Hashian are expecting their first child together.

In an interview with Esquire, Dwayne Johnson took the opportunity to explain how much his girlfriend and daughter mean to him. The 43-year-old wrestler-turned-actor expressed his frustration that while so many people know about his professional career, very few people are familiar with the details of his personal life, and few reporters think to mention them during the interviews.

“I’ve lived with my longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, going on, like, eight, nine years now. She’s a singer-songwriter. We spend a lot of time with my daughter in Florida, Simone, who’s 13. We do these stories and we talk so much about the business end, the success end, but then Lauren isn’t mentioned and my daughter isn’t mentioned. I always like making sure we find the balance and my home life is in there and Lauren Hashian is in there and my daughter is in there. You gotta get the better half in there. With all the cool s**t and success that I’ve been lucky enough to get? That doesn’t happen unless the home life is solid.”

Dwayne Johnson seems like a stand-up family man whose main concern is taking care of his partner and his 14-year-old daughter. And now with two puppies running around his estate (and hopefully staying out of the pool), and a new baby reportedly on the way, Dwayne Johnson is by all accounts a lucky man.

[Photo: Jesse Grant / Getty Images, Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram]