‘The Originals’ Season 3 Spoilers: The Elijah And Hayley Question And More Teased

The Originals will premiere Season 3 on The CW early next month, and fans are receiving even more inside scoop on the drama ahead. Entertainment Weekly shared the latest teasers for the series from Julie Plec, and she focused on one of the always-doomed couples on the show, Elijah and Hayley, who are played by Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin.

This series clearly has the worst luck on television. Elijah and Hayley have danced around each other since the beginning. They have given into their feelings once, but Hayley is now married to Jackson.

He is a mortal, so once he dies, the door will open back up for Elijah and Hayley, but that could be a long wait. Fans of The Vampire Diaries know that all too well. Damon has to wait for Bonnie to kick the bucket for Elena to wake back up.

Julie Plec teased more about Elijah and Hayley to Entertainment Weekly.

“There’s always hope for Haylijah in the way that we planted the seeds for a relationship that clearly wants to happen. It’s just blocked by a ridiculous amount of obstacles. I wouldn’t say they’ll never get together, because I think they have and at some point, they will again. Now, it’s really just a matter of how can Jackson and Hayley find happiness in their marriage when there is that silent elephant in the room.”

As for the rest of the Mikaelson family and their friends, the action will pick up six months after the end of Season 2. Hayley is still a wolf a majority of the time, but Elijah is her monthly visitor. Spoiler TV shared photos from The Originals Season 3 premiere, titled “For the Next Millennium,” and Elijah has brought Hope for a visit in two of the photos.

The Mikaelsons will face a new danger during Season 3. The first vampires they sired 1,000 years ago will make their presence known, and it could mean an end to the family. They are immortal now, but there is a prophecy that could change that. The CW released an extended trailer for the upcoming season on Wednesday that shows the trouble Klaus will face.

It will not all be bad for Klaus though. He will continue to dance around Cami, and she will become his psychiatrist. Will the pair keep their relationship professional? According to TV Line, the chances of that are “slim to none.”

The Originals will premiere on October 8.

[Photo courtesy of The CW]