Dog Owners Pretend To Faint, Only To Learn Their Dogs Don’t Care [Video]

A new viral trend in Japan has dog owners pretending to faint while walking their dogs, all while filming the animal’s reaction. The idea is to see if the dog will freak out in response, thinking something is seriously wrong with their human. But to the disappointment of dog lovers everywhere, the vast majority of the pups didn’t seem to care.

As reported by CNN, most of the dog owners pretending to faint were met with indifference from their trusty mutts. Usually, the dog would glance back in confusion as their master took a tumble, but then continue on as if nothing has happened. You can see a compilation of Japanese dog owners pretending to faint in the video above.

Elite Daily posted another set of videos of people pretending to faint and catching their dogs carrying on as if nothing happened. Some dogs don’t even seem to notice at all.

飼い主がいきなり倒れた時の反応 やってみた…

— 東谷かな (@gashitani42) September 15, 2015

Strangely, it was pet birds that seemed the most upset when their owners passed out, if this video is any indication.

This viral internet phenomenon has many people wondering just how loyal pet pooches really are if they aren’t concerned with the well being of the ones who care for them. Or could it be that the dogs aren’t fooled by anyone pretending to faint? Do they know their humans aren’t in real mortal danger?

According to animal behavior expert Bash Dibra, the dogs definitely won’t be tricked by anyone pretending to faint.

“They’ve been proven – facts that the dog can smell and connect with a person when they’re in dire need. But if you’re not, if you’re playing games, they’re going, ‘OK, this is not what’s really happening.’ So they just walk away.”

Do you think pretending to faint would get a reaction out of your dog? Would he or she be the exception and leap to your rescue? Upload your own video pretending to faint while walking your dog and show the world.

If you want your faith in human/dog relationships restored, check out this video of a dog who actually does faint after seeing his owner for the first time in two years. But how would he react if his owner passed out shortly after that?

[Image credit: Twitter]