WWE Rumors: Big Update On Possible Return Of The Hardy Boyz To WWE

WWE is really doing a lot of things right lately, and one of them is bringing the tag team division back to a high level. For months, more teams have been forming and feuds actually exist again in it. The shocking return of the Dudley Boyz made the tag team division that much stronger, but could more be on the way? There is a lot of talk lately and a number of rumors swirling around that WWE could indeed bring back the Hardy Boyz.

When the Dudley Boyz returned a couple weeks ago, fans kind of lost it and for good reason. It was an unexpected surprise and one that really brought a lot of prominence and legitimacy to the tag division in WWE.

Then, The New Day was on Monday Night Raw recently, and they were confronted backstage by Edge and Christian. The fans in the crowd were thrilled to see the legendary tag team once again, but went even more nuts when the Dudley Boyz showed up next to them.

wwe rumors hardy boyz edge christian dudley boyz

Due to Edge’s injuries, it’s highly unlikely that the team of E&C will ever step foot together in the ring again, but The Hardy Boyz may.

According to F4W Online, TNA star Jeff Hardy’s name has been mentioned a lot backstage in WWE recently. In past years, it wasn’t really an OK thing to talk about the Hardy Boyz – Matt or Jeff. This was mainly due to them being in TNA and that being the competition and all that.

Not only have the Hardy Boyz been talked about backstage, but last week, they were even mentioned on Monday Night Raw. Actually, they were name-dropped during the E&C / Dudley Boyz segment in the pic above.

WWE just recently ran a poll in which they ask which superstar or diva the fans would most like to see back for one more match. The Hardy Boyz were listed together as a team, and actually were the only tag team mentioned.

Actually, the Hardy Boyz are one of the only names on that list who could realistically end up back in WWE for more matches. Most are totally retired, much older, or have gone in entirely different directions.

Although, ruling out Bill Goldberg and Kurt Angle returning to WWE shouldn’t happen because one never quite knows what could happen.

The Hardy Boyz returning to WWE is something that is possible and could happen one day, and it’s known that their contracts aren’t for much longer. Jeff Hardy’s is up in 2016 and Matt Hardy appears to be on a pay-per-appearance deal. With the Dudley Boyz back, the Hardy Boyz could come back for some possibly new classic matches.

Now, what about Harlem Heat?

[Images via TNA/WWE]