Judy Greer Talks About Her New ‘Masters Of Sex’ Role

In the third season of Masters of Sex, Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) has been having an affair with Dan Logan (Josh Charles), a charming business man, who’s interested in capturing sex in a perfume bottle. Instead of supporting Bill Masters’ (Michael Sheen) sex surrogacy program, Johnson decided to take up a side project for research purposes. For weeks now Dan and Virginia have been trying to find out what scent attracts the opposite sex to each other. Of course this intense research found its way to the bedroom.

Last week on Masters of Sex, Virginia questioned what would happen to Dan’s wife if they focused on being together in a long term sense. Logan didn’t quite have an answer other than saying that he and his wife had an understanding — just like Virginia and her husband George, who for all intents and purposes live in separate houses.

Enter in Judy Greer as Dan’s wife, Alice Logan. Greer, who guest stars on the September 20 episode, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her new role on the hit series Masters of Sex. In the upcoming episode titled “Party of Four,” Bill, Virginia, Dan and Dan’s wife Alice sit down for a meeting of sorts, organized by Dr. Masters, who has been spiraling since Virginia started spending time with Dan. Greer told EW that having a philandering husband isn’t the only issue Alice has. Additionally, she’s also a big drinker.

“She’s very weary. This is a woman who does still believe in love and that her marriage can be saved, but she’s just really lost, she’s really lonely. I wonder what comes first, the chicken or the egg, like, I think she drinks because he cheats, and she’s sad and miserable, and I think he cheats because she’s sad and miserable and drinks … It’s interesting.”

Unlike Libby during most of season 1, this housewife knows that her husband is having an affair, and she realizes who he’s sleeping with very quickly.

“When she sees Virginia there, and sees the way her husband is talking about her, it just unravels her. She’s just like, dumbfounded that she’s sitting here at this table with this woman … And Masters is just enjoying being the puppeteer, and Dan is sort of trying to control Alice and her drinking what she’s saying.”

While it doesn’t look like Dan is going to stick around past this season, Judy Greer sounds like she’s hoping that Alice returns for more episodes.

“I can’t say 100 percent yes, but I’m really hoping so. They were definitely dangling that carrot while I was there, so I hope they weren’t just being nice! They were like, ‘We often have our guest stars come back!’ And I was like, ‘Great, I want to!'”

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