‘Gotham’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far, Plus Watch Theo Meet The New Villians

There are some big changes ahead for the second season of Gotham. Although the series will still introduce a number of different heroes and villains in the new season, the show will be shifting in how it approaches its storytelling, with plans on becoming more serialized with how it introduces new characters.

With that in mind, there are a number of new characters set to make an appearance in the upcoming season. In fact, Ben McKenzie recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and revealed the names of some of those new faces.

“Well… most of them are bad,” McKenzie stated concerning the new characters. “Aside from the addition of Michael Chiklis as Captain Nathaniel Barnes, the show is adding a plethora of villains, from Clayface and Mr. Freeze to Flamingo, Firefly, Tigress, and the questionable Silver St. Cloud … to name a few.”

Speaking of new villains, the show recently released a sneak peek that features villains Theo Galvan, played by James Frain, and Tigress, played by Jessica Lucas. The YouTube video, which was released by Fox, offers a first glimpse at the two villains and hints at their role in the new season.

Meanwhile, Season 1 ended with the Penguin taking control of Gotham while Bruce Wayne uncovered a cave filled with bats. That being said, McKenzie went on to discuss how the plot will take off in season two.

“At this point, the plot of seaosn 2 is a bit of a mystery,” he explained. “We know that things pick up just moments after Bruce discovered the cave, but from there, the show will jump ahead a few months to find Gotham now in the rule of Penguin. As for James Gordon? Well, he’s experiencing life as a traffic cop.”

In regards to The Joker, it is clear that the villain will play a large part in the new season. Although he doesn’t refer to himself as The Joker just yet, Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) is featured heavily in the preview clip. In particular, the character seems to be getting close with his fellow Arkham residents, including Barbara (Erin Richards).

In an interview with EW, Richards revealed that the third episode in the new season would conclude with “a huge moment for one of the big villains.” Does this mean some big changes are ahead for Jerome?

Season 2 of Gotham is set to premiere September 21 on Fox.

[Image Courtesy: Fox]