Harry Styles Shows 'Pride' In Being A Gay Icon

One Direction star Harry Styles has once again shown his support for LGBT causes by draping himself in a rainbow flag during a recent performance. Styles has a reputation as something of a womanizer as a result of being linked with a string of beautiful women, but Harry is never afraid to show his support for LGBT causes. Harry's latest gesture of support saw him grab a rainbow flag from a member of the audience. Harry draped the flag around himself like a cape and danced around the stage in Buffalo, New York wearing it.

Styles fans were delighted by his actions and a vine of Harry wearing the rainbow flag has already been shared over 600,000 times. Pink News reports that it was unclear why Harry made the gesture but it certainly won the approval of his legions of fans. Styles has shown support for gay fans on numerous occasions in the past and Harry's fans even raised over $11,000 in support of the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honor of Harry's 21st birthday earlier this year.

The rainbow flag has long been a symbol of inclusivity among the LGBT community and by demonstrating his support so openly Styles is seen to be encouraging One Direction fans to accept everyone for what they are, regardless of race, color or sexuality.

Gay Times reports that some of Harry's fans have dubbed him a superhero and "Captain Rainbow" as a result of him parading the "pride" flag.

The praise for Styles' actions is a long way from the criticism that was leveled at his band-mate Liam Payne last month. The Independent reported that Liam was forced to apologize to fans after he made comments during a show that some fans thought homophobic. It would seem that there is no chance of similar accusations being leveled at Harry.

Styles has joked about his sexuality in the past and rumors have circulated for some time that Harry may be bi-sexual. Pink News reported that in an interview the band were asked to name four traits they look for in a girl, Liam Payne was quick to say, "Female, it's a good trait".

Styles laughed, and said "Not that important! Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it."

As reported in Inquisitr last month Harry and the rest of One Direction have been found to be the band that more gay men in the UK identify with that any other band. It seems that Harry Styles is proud to be a "gay icon" and will continue to support the LGBT community in any way he can.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]