Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Avengers’ Payday Rumored To Be More Than $50 Million

With the exception of the iron suit, Robert Downey Jr. has a lot in common with Tony Stark. The famous actor will be getting a huge payday from the latest Marvel movie. “The Avengers” has been setting box office records since its debut and since Downey Jr. is set to receive some performance based pay, he could walk away with more than $50 million.

According to IMBD, Downey Jr. made $500,000 for the first Iron Man and $10,000,000 for the second. MSNBC reports that after the success of the two Iron Man movies Downey’s reps at CAA and the Hansen Jacobson law firm negotiated a deal that would land Downey Jr. 5-7% of any movie where the actor plays Iron Man.

“The Avengers” recently passed $1 billion at the box office which means that Downey should be receiving a paycheck that would make Tony Stark proud.

As for the other Avengers, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo reportedly signed upfront deals that landed them about $2.5 million each. Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson signed multiple movie deals and are rumored to be making about twice that. reports that Robert Downey Jr.’s “Avengers” payday is impressive but it isn’t entirely unique. Actors like Johnny Depp have made serious cash from back end profits. Depp reportedly made more than $250 million from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

Downey Jr.’s huge payday may prove to be a problem in the future. Can Marvel continue to hand out huge paychecks to its actors for Avengers sequels? If they keep making more than a billion dollars, it probably won’t be a problem.