Obama Is A Racist, George Zimmerman Says On Twitter — Heated Debates Ensue

Barack Obama is a racist, according to George Zimmerman. Just a few hours after the Virginia shooting of two reporters on live television, the man acquitted of shooting Trayvon Martin authored some tweets about the TV crew shooting and the president.

A George Zimmerman Twitter post maintained that Barack Obama is a racist who says “nothing condemning” about the Virginia shooting of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and Vicki Gardner by Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams), according to a Daily Mail report. In the tweet to his 6,092 Twitter followers, Zimmerman, 31, referred to Flanagan as a “pansy.”

The use of the word “pansy” when describing Bryce Williams has prompted allegations that Zimmerman was using homophobic slurs — the Virginia shooter was gay.

president obama racist
George Zimmerman Twitter post about the Virginia shooting and President Barack Obama.

“Pansy Fester (sic) lee Flanagan, too much of a daisy to deal w/racism. Murders 2 whites. Hate crime, 100%. Racist Obama says nothing condemning,” the tweet by Zimmerman said.

The Trayvon Martin shooter also posted photos of Alison Parker and Adam Ward several hours later.

The images of the WDBJ news crew were captioned this way by Zimmerman on Twitter.

“White woman & man get murdered by a Black P.O.S. 8 hours later B. Hussein Obama the divider still says NOTHING.”

George Zimmerman’s now viral tweets sparked a flurry of debate, controversy, and support on Twitter. The Floridian exchanged barbs and snarky comments with some who did not agree with his viewpoints. Both Zimmerman and those who appeared to agree with his sentiments referenced Obama’s “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin” comment not long after the teenager was shot and killed.

What do you think about the George Zimmerman tweets claiming Barack Obama is a racist and the Virginia shootings?

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