Court decision could shake up online user agreements

One of the most common discussions that occurs over Web 2.0 services is their Terms of Service (TOS) agreements that we all have to agree to in order to use their products. Some of these TOS are more onerous that others but they are an inescapable part of our online world. This could all change if a recent decision by a Texas court.

The court case in question was the one filed against Blockbuster and over whether or not the company could change its Terms of Service at a moment’s notice. In Harris v. Blockbuster the judge said that Blockbuster’s online terms of service was “illusionary” and unenforceable because Blockbuster had reserved the right to change the terms of service at any time.

The opinion if followed by other courts could have significant implications for all websites, and social media services, that have terms of service agreements.

District Court in Texas Rejects Online Terms of Service as Illusory and Unenforceable

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