‘Zouis’ Is Done! Louis Tomlinson Removes Zayn Malik From His Twitter Bio

Say it ain’t so! Louis Tomlinson has officially ended his friendship with Zayn Malik. Fans of the pair known as “Zouis” will be sad over this recent news. Directioners already had enough to deal with these past few months.

When One Direction was a quintet, they would include “1/5” to show that they’re one part of the band One Direction, which used Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Tomlinson, and Malik. Louis Tomlinson updated his Twitter profile so that it would read “1/4,” on the five-month anniversary of Zayn Malik leaving the group.

Several fans shared screengrabs of Tomlinson’s updated Twitter bio. As you can see, he added “1/4” instead of “1/5.”

louis-tomlinson-twitter-bio-1 louis-tomlinson-twitter-bio-2

Is it safe to say that Louis and Zayn are no longer friends? It might be a reach, but it’s not like the former bandmates have been getting along lately. It could also be Louis’ way of saying that 1D is officially a four-man band.

Some fans felt that Tomlinson was waiting the full five months to see if Malik would reconsider his motives and return to the band. Now that Malik has signed onto to RCA Records, fans will have to officially bid goodbye to “Zouis.”

On the flip side, it did take Zayn several months before he officially removed One Direction from his Twitter account. That also made fans assume that he was planning to return to the globally successful boyband. Zayn made it clear that he wants to cut ties from his boyband past by creating “real music.”

It’s not like the two British pop stars have been good mates in recent months. Louis Tomlinson got involved in Zayn’s brief Twitter feud with DJ Calvin Harris.

Harris, 31, and Malik, 22, fought on social media last Monday when Malik dissed Harris’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift. It all started when the bad boy singer retweeted a post that compared the “Bad Blood” singer’s ideas on music to Miley Cyrus, who says she doesn’t care about making money anymore.

Louis jumped into Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris’ twitter conversation by siding with the Scottish DJ. He favorited Calvin’s explicit tweet, which read, “You’ve made your money? Cool f**k the 99 percent of musicians who depend on those services to survive right? Yeah f**k em.”

Earlier this year, Tomlinson and Malik were in their own little Twitter beef. It all started when Malik’s old music producer, Naughty Boy, shared a filtered photo of himself with Malik in the recording studio. Tomlinson was obviously ticked off by Malik’s decision to leave 1D to pursue a solo career, so he decided to have some fun.

The “Drag Me Down” singer tweeted, “Remember you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool haha! Some people still do HA!”

After Tomlinson briefly feuded with Naughty Boy on the social networking site, Malik jumped in – ready to bite!

The heartthrob tweeted, “remember when you had a life and stopped making b***hy comments about mine?”

Because of their Twitter feud, fans assumed that Louis and Zayn’s friendship is over for good. Are you sad over the news of “Zouis”? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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