‘The Walking Dead’: Steven Yeun Discusses The End Goal For Season 6

For fans of the comic book version of AMC’s The Walking Dead, last season and following into Season 6 of The Walking Dead, there is one character in particular whose life may hang in the balance.

WARNING: Spoilers abound in this article. If you have not watched all available episodes of The Walking Dead or do not want comic book spoilers, then please proceed with caution.

Steven Yeun plays Glenn Rhee. Over the course of The Walking Dead, he has grown from a mere pizza delivery guy to one of Rick’s (played by Andrew Lincoln) most trusted allies. But, for fans of the comic books series, there is the knowledge of the fact Glenn is killed at the hands of Negan. While Negan is yet to be cast, and show runner Scott Gimple is not even sure when he will appear in the television series, there is still the potential for Glenn to die in Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

But what does Steven Yeun have to say about Season 6? According to the recent interview he did with Entertainment Weekly, there is still trouble on the road ahead for many in The Walking Dead, not just his character.

“[Season] 6 is that, is showing how much has been taken away from us. The end goal is to find some semblance of life that we lost before. I think you’re going to see some deeply emotional character story and you’re also going to see, as we always do, some crazy-ass s***.”

While there is no indication from the actor whether Glenn will be in danger this season, there is the suggestion of an emotional ride for many of the characters, which could include Glenn, or, indeed, those closest to him if he were to die. And, for his girlfriend, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), it would be particularly tragic considering she has lost her sister in Season 5 and her father in Season 4 as well as a large chunk of her family in Season 2. Could AMC be cruel enough to take her boyfriend from her as well? The general consensus from fans is that if Maggie falls pregnant, it is likely Glenn will die — not only because it happened that way in the comics, but because in typical Walking Dead style, if someone is happy, it is likely bad things will happen to them.

Unfortunately, with the role of Negan not yet cast and the potential for the writers at AMC to keep Glenn alive in the TV series, only time will tell if Steven Yeun’s words echo his character’s demise or not.

You can watch the full interview Steven Yeun did with Entertainment Weekly below:

The Walking Dead premieres Season 6 on October 11, 2015 on AMC.

What do you think will happen in Season 6 of The Walking Dead? Will Glenn die at the hands of Negan, or will he survive? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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