Eyelash Extensions: Why Some Salons Aren’t Doing Fake Eyelash Extensions Anymore, And How To Fake The Long Lash Look

According to Google Adwords, the term “eyelash extensions” gets 74,000 searches per month. Other eyelash-centered terms get nearly as much, with “mascara” gaining 33,100 searches monthly and “fake eyelashes” and “lash extensions” each gaining 14,800 searches per month.

Ardell lashes and red cherry lashes get just over 12,000 searches per month – but perhaps telling in the search term question that receives about the same amount of searches lies hints of a problem with eyelash extensions: Do eyelashes grow back?

Indeed, calls to two local salons that previously performed eyelash extensions uncovered the fact that they no longer perform eyelash extensions. Perhaps that’s due to recent news reports showing horrible outcomes for some folks who’ve found themselves allergic to the glue used to apply the eyelash extensions.

When wondering if eyelash extensions are safe, as reported by CBS News, folks should know that the answer to that question is: not always. The popular beauty trend has sprung up around the nation after beauty icons like the Kardashians were spotted on Instagram with big, beautiful lashes that highlighted their eyes.

However, eyelash extensions can come with health risks and even make lashes fall out, based on the type of glue used and the allergic reactions some users can have to that glue. Plus, eyelash extensions are heavy, and repeated use might make real eyelashes come out. Eyelash extensions can also attract bacteria and cause infections.

One truly gross story, as reported by Medical Daily, tells of a woman who got eyelash extensions and even after taking them off kept feeling an eyelash irritating her eye. Upon going to the doctor, she learned that a wayward eyelash had fallen into her eye and her cornea had actually grown around the eyelash, and it could only be extracted with a needle. Other horror stories included those of the woman whose eyelash extensions were put on using Crazy Glue, and when she couldn’t open her eyes, the woman at the salon used tweezers to pull her glued-shut eyelids apart as she screamed and had her eye scratched.

In Japan, more visits to eye doctors have resulted in eyelash extension reactions.

A better bet might be to try the new Clinique “Chubby Lash” Fattening Mascara that makeup fiends are raving about in order to mimic a look close to that of fake lashes and eyelash extensions. Even if it may not provide the big, long, shocking look of eyelash extensions, chances are it won’t provide the problems either.

Coupled with the Acuvue Define contact lenses that are all the new rage as well for the way they reportedly make users’ eyes look better and younger due to making the limbal ring look better, that should be a combination that is safer and better looking than the fading eyelash extensions trend.

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