Cloaked Figure In Gastonia NC: Internet Freaks Out Over Cloaked Man, Finds Out ‘Boring’ Truth

A cloaked figure in Gastonia, North Carolina, had the internet freaking out this week, but the story behind the mystery is far less exciting than one might imagine.

According to CNN, a pale man dressed in a long black robe (a cloak, if you will) was spotted standing outside of an apartment complex. The eerie sight (as some are calling it) was caught on camera by someone who happened to peer out their window and see this random being just standing in the middle of no where, looking like he came straight out of costuming for a Halloween movie.

The photo, taken on August 17, was posted online, and quickly went viral. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people had been taking guesses as to what the man might have been doing or why he may have been standing outside wearing a cloak. When someone came forward and said that they believed that the man was dropping piles of “raw meat” on the ground, people got even more freaked out.

The going consensus about the cloaked figure in Gastonia, North Carolina, seemed to be that this person was practicing a Pagan ritual and was making a sacrifice of some sorts. Other guesses included someone trying out a Halloween costume and someone wearing a robe to cover up because he has a sun allergy.

According to the Gaston Gazette, however, the man in the black robe is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. He said that people living at Hudson Woods Apartments aren’t in any kind of immediate danger because the man in the robe was just a college kid working on something for school.

“It looks like we have a logical explanation for all of this. It looks like some visiting college kids were working on a school project,” said property manager Lance Calhoun with Southwood Realty.

Further details on what kind of project the kid was working on were not available, but people are still curious. The kid in the robe hasn’t come forward, but his mother was the one that “solved” the mystery.

According to WISTV 10, the woman saw the “overwhelming response” to the photo, realized it was her kid, and called the property manager to let him know that this was no blood-thirsty vampire; it was just her son doing some schoolwork.

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