Sienna Miller Used Ketchup In Her Hair After Dye Mishap

Sienna Miller has shockingly admitted to turning to a ketchup bottle after an experiment with dying her hair went badly wrong.

The 30-year-old actress revealed to UK mag Marie Claire that she put ketchup in her hair for “about a year” after attempting to color her hair using henna, a flowering plant that is often used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. Miller revealed:

“I’ve had some real hair disasters. I once used henna to dye my hair brown for an audition, thinking I was being clever as it’s all natural. Little did I know it was the worst thing I could have done as it coats the follicles so that nothing else can penetrate so I ended up having to put ketchup in it for about a year to get rid of the green tinge.”

But Sienna’s HILARIOUS beauty slip-ups didn’t end there, oh no. In another example that, cuh, stars are just like the rest of us really, she’s also messed her eye make-up before:

“I once made the mistake of going for a whole row of false eyelashes, which was just wrong as it gave me a sad, puppy-eyed look. But a couple of individual lashes in the middle of the lash line can look amazing and really open up your eyes.”

Christmas must be fun round Sienna’s house with all these brilliant stories. But anyway, ketchup as hair product – anybody tried it?

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