Kathy Hilton Returns To Twitter To Promote Nicky’s Handbags After Kim Richards Reportedly Goes Missing

Kathy Hilton has returned to Twitter after several days of silence and multiple reports regarding her sister Kim Richards’ whereabouts. However, instead of setting the record straight regarding the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s alleged disappearance, Kathy Hilton chose to promote her daughter’s line of handbags.

Kathy Hilton’s tweet quickly garnered some attention from fans regarding the ongoing sobriety issues of her younger half-sister. However, Kathy Hilton didn’t respond to anyone and hasn’t returned to social media since sharing the tweet above.

Earlier this month, Kathy Hilton’s sister, Kim, who was believed to have been living in Kathy Hilton’s guest house at the time, was arrested in Van Nuys, California, after she allegedly stole over $600 worth of items from a Target store. After spending one night behind bars, the former reality star, who was also arrested earlier this year, was released.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kathy Hilton’s sister was allegedly placed on a 5150 hold by members of her family after the arrest and entered rehab a short time later. However, in the weeks since, she has allegedly left rehab without completing her assumed program. Speaking to Radar Online around the time of her reported disappearance, a source claimed Kathy Hilton’s sister could be in danger.

“[Kim Richards] decided to leave. She just bolted. The staff has no clue where she went, and it was definitely against medical advice. Her family had just visited over the weekend! Kim said she was cured, and felt good enough to go back to Los Angeles. This is the worst thing Kim could do at this point because she has a court appearance this week for being drunk in public at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

Although neither Kathy Hilton nor her family revealed where her sister was getting treatment, she was believed to be in Orange County. Now, according to the source, no one is sure of where she is.

“Kim is her own worst enemy. She is going to end up dead if she doesn’t get serious about this!”

Kathy Hilton and her family have reportedly offered Richards assistance on multiple occasions, even offering her money and a place to live, but sadly, she appears to be convinced she can get her sobriety issues in check without rehab or anyone else’s help.

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