‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers For Week 9: POV Ceremony Determines Final Nominees, House Wavers On Eviction Plan

What can fans expect to see go down this week on Big Brother 17? Spoilers tease that the eviction targets have shifted a bit day-to-day, and there may be some drama playing out in the next couple of shows. The Power of Veto competition and ceremony have been held, and the fan favorite Zingbot is returning.

According to Big Brother Network, the houseguests tackled the face-morph challenge for the Power of Veto. Heading into the competition, viewers have seen that Austin is Head of Household, and he initially nominated Steve Moses and John McGuire.

As Buddy TV details, Austin initially looked to target Johnny Mac for eviction, but not everybody was entirely onboard with this idea. Meg and James really wanted to see Vanessa targeted, but Vanessa wasn’t about to sit back and make it easy for anybody to get her out in Week 9.

Big Brother 17 spoilers indicate that Vanessa ended up winning the POV. Vanessa quickly started talking about how she wasn’t going to use the POV to save either John or Steve. When the POV ceremony was held, Vanessa held to her word and did not use the veto.

Ahead of the POV ceremony, Big Brother spoilers tease, John told Vanessa about the deal involving Austin, Julia, Liz, himself, and Steve. There was a confrontation between Steve and Vanessa, while others were upset with John for disclosing the details of the deal.

Once it was set that John and Steve would remain on the block, some heavy-duty campaigning started. Vanessa wants Steve out of the house, but Austin, Liz, and Julia have wanted to keep him. Where do things stand at this point? Interestingly, there could be a big battle this week.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Vanessa is battling once again to keep John over Steve. As Big Brother Network details, Johnny Mac hasn’t given up yet, and though Vanessa has been a bit all over the place, she seems to be back to supporting his bid to stay.

At one point overnight, Vanessa, Austin, and the twins even talked about deciding their votes via a rock, paper and scissors game. That is probably not going to happen, but it does seem as if there’s enough uncertainty floating around that both Steve and John still have a shot at nudging things in their direction.

As of Wednesday morning, nobody in the house seems entirely sold on any particular plan. There has been enough talk of keeping John that he definitely has a glimmer of hope, but it’s far from being a done deal. Big Brother 17 fans can likely count on a lot more talk prior to Thursday’s eviction before an absolute target is determined between the two houseguests.

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