Demi Lovato: No, I Did Not Flick A Girl’s Vagina In A Meet And Greet

As a bonafide musician and celebrity, it must be hard sometimes for Demi Lovato to remember what’s true and false about her in the tabloids. But, when it came to being alleged of flicking a girl’s vagina during a greet and meet, Lovato instantly knew that it was false.

This incident actually occurred several years ago, but it’s come around again after the singer was asked what the most egregious rumor she’s heard about her was. You can check out her written response below.

Demi Lovato made this admission during a recent Q&A, via ATRL, to promote her recent hit single “Cool for the Summer,” its follow-up “Confident,” and her upcoming collaboration with Iggy Azalea, entitled “Kingdom Come.”

But why was the 23-year-old singer forced to dismiss this story? Well, it all originally took place a couple of years ago, according to the Daily Star.

The Mirror then added further details regarding the full, completely fabricated story, providing a full unabridged version of the post that was uploaded to Twitlonger.

“[Demi Lovato] was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with ‘fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong.

“As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking, ‘You saved my life.’ I say, ‘You’re the reason I’m alive today.’ She looks me dead in the eye and says, ‘You’ll die soon enough fatty.’ And then whispered, ‘Obesity.’

“I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said, ‘Are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now.’ And she flicked my vagina.

“I headed out of the M&G section and that’s when Demi started speaking whale to me. I still can’t believe this happened.”

One person who did find the tale rather amusing was Iggy Azaelia, who, at the time, took to her Twitter account to write, “I can’t lie, ‘delete it fat,’ and ‘vagina flick’ are now parts of my official vocab.” Lovato had remained completely silent on the issue for several years, but she’s now decided to put these rumors to rest once and for all.

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