Mohammed Fadel Dobbous: Irish Boxer Defeats Entire Turkish Mob On His Own, But Who Is He? [Video]

A video allegedly showing an Irish boxer defeating an entire Turkish mob single-handedly has appeared online. But it has left the world wide web wondering who the pugilist actually is.

Today’s Zaman was the first to release information of the brawl, which, according to the footage’s date, took place on August 1, 2015. You can click below to see how the entire attack unfolded.

And this footage clearly struck a chord with the good people of the internet, as it has since been watched over 400,000 times in just 24 hours.

But there is still a huge question mark over who the man in question actually is, and whether or not he is a boxer. While his stance and actions, which saw him punch a few of his adversaries down to the ground while he himself managed to withstand a barrage of attacks, indicate that he is a boxer, there has been no proof that’s actually the case.

In fact, Today’s Zaman is the only publication to have alleged that the man in question is actually a professional boxer. The publication has insisted that the man’s name is Mohammed Fadel Dobbous, who is reportedly, via the Irish Examiner, an Irish citizen born in Kuwait. None of that information has been confirmed, though.

However, there is just one problem: Mohammed Fadel Dobbous isn’t a professional boxer in Ireland.

The Mirror contacted the Boxing Union of Ireland to request information on the boxer, only to be told, “There is no licensed boxer by that name.”

Now, this could just mean that he is an amateur boxer in the country, and let’s face it, from the looks of things, he certainly knows how to handle a rougher and grittier bout.

Dobbous found himself getting into the almighty scrap in the Aksaray area of Istanbul when his simple attempt to purchase a bottle of water ended with dozens of other waters bottles falling to the floor.

The shop owner was so disgusted with Dobbous’ mistake that he then instantly hit him with a stick. Then, to prove their loyalty, a number of other shop owners from nearby began to attack Dobbous.

As you can imagine, Dobbous wasn’t overly pleased with this treatment, so he returned the favour by throwing punches towards the mass of shopkeepers, all of whom then took pot-shots with their own sticks, fists, and anything solid they could get their hands on.

However, Dobbous managed to stand strong, and he ultimately fought so valiantly that the gang of shopkeepers then retreated.

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