Lady Gaga Engagement Denied By Sources

Is Lady Gaga engaged? That was the rumor doing the rounds over the weekend, after celeb snapper Terry Richardson posted a photo of the pint-sized star on Saturday night showing off a giant rock he claimed was her engagement ring.

It’s a very, er, engagement-y photo, but the answer is no – Gaga remains unengaged. The queen of quirky pop is still on the market, gentlemen (and ladies).

As Gaga revealed nothing about the ring herself (she’s gone all shy, remember), we were left to take Terry’s word. Alas, Terry THE BIG FIBBER was telling porkies: sources later confirmed to TMZ that the star hasn’t committed to a life of wedded bliss just yet.

That should hardly come as a surprise to those who follow the Gaga news train – earlier this month, the pop star and beau Taylor Kinney called things off for the summer, due to Gaga’s rather immense touring commitments. She hardly sounds like the sort to settle down, does she?

Richardson, a close friend of Gaga and a photographer renowned for his celebrity shots, originally tweeted the photo on Saturday with a caption, “Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!” Oh, Terry.

TMZ’s sources said the massive stone on Gaga’s digit was ‘just a ring,’ and that the 26-year-old is not engaged to anyone.

Which is a bit of a shame really, if only because you know that wedding dress is going to be bats**t insane. I predict a combination of all Gaga’s outfits to date, with added Kermit and dead animal.

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