How Taylor Swift Allegedly Dissed Katy Perry By Performing With Alanis Morissette

Taylor Swift brought her favorite singer-songwriter, Alanis Morrisette, on stage during one of her epic LA concerts on Sunday, August 24. The two ladies performed Morrissette’s hit song, “You Oughta Know.” But was Swift performing with the 90s icon just to get back at Katy Perry?

Several media outlets claim that Taylor Swift dissed Katy Perry by bringing the Jagged Little Pill hitmaker on stage during one of her LA concerts. Fans believe that Swift and Morrissette’s seemingly innocent performance had everything to do with the “Dark Horse” singer. Perry has cited the “Ironic” singer as one of her inspirations.

Clad in a black leather jumpsuit, Taylor announced her inspiration to her 1989 crowd. In her speech, the “Bad Blood” singer said that Alanis was one of her inspirations growing up.

“She defined the music of her decade. She inspired a generation of confessional female singer-songwriters who all of a sudden felt like you could actually say these raw feelings that you had; you could actually sing about your real life, you could put detail to it, you could get really, really mad if you wanted to. And I think it’s fair to say that so many of the female singer-songwriters of my generation, including myself, would not write the way we do without her and her music. And she has written some of the most brilliant music — in particular probably inarguably the greatest breakup song of all-time.”

Even better than “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor? The ladies then jammed along to Alanis’ hit song, uncensored and all. Taylor was seen messing up her hair and stomping her boots as she got into the rage-filled anthem. Watch the clip of Taylor and Alanis’ duet below.

Back when Katy Perry was named one of Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2010, she said that she looks up to Alanis, as well. In fact, the Jagged Little Pill album is what inspired her to get into the music industry.

“Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette, every single song struck a chord, an emotional chord inside of me.”

Alanis revealed during her 2012 interview with Good Morning America that she was flattered by Katy’s admiration and added that she hung out with the “This Is How We Do” pop star before.

“Oh, it’s great. I love her. I have actually had the privilege of hanging out with her a little bit.”

Katy Perry is not bothered by Taylor Swift’s motives. In fact, she has her own plans that involve making the world forget about the good-girl singer once 2016 rolls around.

“More than anything, Katy wants to make the world forget about Taylor. Everywhere she looks, people are talking about Taylor and it makes Katy nauseous.”

It’s been rumored that Perry is ready to start working on her new album. She gave her Prism era a fond farewell by showing a rainbow-filtered photo of her nails with the word “bye” on the middle finger. While Swift is expected to take a break after her 1989 era, Perry is ready to make 2016 her year.

“Katy is biding her time, but she is working behind the scenes, writing songs and working with producers, getting ready for 2016. She wants to outsell and outshine Taylor in 2016.”

It’s also been rumored that Perry has registered a Taylor Swift diss track titled “Crocodile Tears.” She’s working on the track with producer Diplo, who reportedly has a weird obsession with Swift.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift’s performance with Alanis Morissette? Do you think it was a direct diss to Katy? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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