‘Friends’ Reunion: Jennifer Aniston Would Like A ‘Golden Friends’ Reunion When They Are All Old And Squishy

A Friends reunion is probably one of the most anticipated things in show business, but for the actors themselves, talks of a reunion appear more like daydreams that are highly unlikely to reach fruition. And yet they don’t stop wishing in the hopes that someday they will get a chance to relive their old lives again.

According to Us Weekly, the latest actress to express a wish for a Friends reunion is Jennifer Aniston, who recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show. Aniston said that she would love to go back to the old set for a Friends reunion show, provided it happened when they were all so old and squishy that it would be impossible for fans to make comparisons to the original show.

“At this point I honestly think we should just wait until we are really much older and have “Golden Friends.” Then you wouldn’t have the comparison – like, ‘Oh, look at Joey! What happened to them?'”

At which point Norton himself made a shrewd observation.

“Or make it really grim and depressing, and then no one would want to ever see it again.”

An amused Jennifer Aniston then came up with a name for the Friends reunion too — “Dead Friends.”

No, Jennifer, that is the last thing we would like to see. Check out a clip from the interview here.

The actress then went on to add that Friends can be spiced up by adding a different cast to the mix, like Jason Bateman for example.

“This is the new cast right here. Jason [Bateman], you get to be Chandler, [Jason Sudeikis], you get to be Joey and that means [Charlie] gets to be Ross.”

Meanwhile, we figured Jennifer could do with a few more ideas for a Friends reunion. She Knows has come up with a brilliant list of suggestions that are sure to excite even the most diehard fans of the popular TV show.

For example, how about having a Thanksgiving reunion?

“Obviously Thanksgiving will be an occasion for the whole gang, including their kids, to get together. They can all pile into Chandler and Monica’s place — as is tradition — and maybe Joey can get his head stuck in a turkey again. Some things just can’t change.”

Or a holiday reunion?

“Maybe the whole gang can go on a cruise or just vacation together to take a break from their hectic lives and offspring (or grandchildren). Someone will get locked up somewhere, one couple will have a fight, Joey will hook up with a super-hot woman, and Chandler will give some bad advice to a stranger.”

We are saying all this in the hopes that maybe Marta Kauffman is listening.

Would you like to see a Friends reunion? Would you want to see them old like Jennifer Aniston suggested? What would be your ideal Friends reunion? Let us know your suggestions by commenting below.

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