Jenelle Evans’ Ex Caught In Ashley Madison Hack: How Is Jenelle Dealing?

Jenelle Evans decided to leave Nathan Griffith behind a couple of weeks ago, and this past week on Teen Mom, fans saw how Nathan was arrested for allegedly getting violent with Jenelle. The two appeared to have the perfect relationship in the beginning, as he was a great influence on Evans. He had her going back to school and working out regularly. Sadly, these two have now split, and Jenelle is back to being a single mother.

But it may be best that Jenelle Evans is single again. Even though the two had split prior to the massive Ashley Madison hack, Nathan may not be happy that his personal information is out for the world to see. Nathan was one of the men listed as having an account on the cheating website. And shockingly, Griffith used his own email address to contact other women.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans is moving on after her relationship with Nathan, but she isn’t really surprised about Griffith having an email account. He used his personal email address to sign up for the service. When contacted for a comment, he initially denied that it was his email address, but he later changed his tune, saying that he simply didn’t want to comment on the hack.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater,” Jenelle Evans revealed when asked for a comment about the hack, adding, “I think he embarrasses himself and whoever associated with him, especially the girl he’s with now because supposedly she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. But Nathan does.”

Even though he doesn’t want to admit to the account, someone else will. A source close to Evans and Griffith confirmed that his email account was legit. The account wasn’t made while he was serious with Jenelle, but he did make the account around May or June, when he was on a break from Evans. The two had previously split in February.

“He was separated from Jenelle,” a source says, adding, “But he was seeing [his new girlfriend] Jessica. He claimed he made it because he couldn’t remember his Gmail password and was locked out of his old email.”

“It’s definitely not shocking that Nathan has an Ashley Madison account,” the source continued, adding, “Jenelle is glad not to be the one having to deal with his antics anymore.”

Evans was recently arrested for causing trouble with Nathan’s new girlfriend. It will be interesting to see how Nathan will deal with sex before marriage now that his new girlfriend doesn’t believe in it. Evans is done with the relationship and has moved to North Carolina to be closer to her first-born son, Jace.

Do you think Jenelle Evans knew about the account prior to the hack?

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