Tyler Posey on ‘Teen Wolf’ Character: ‘The Lowest That We’ve Seen Him’

Tyler Posey started the year forecasting Teen Wolf character Scott McCall’s year as being a dark one during Season 5, but fans may not have been prepared for what occurred to Posey in the mid-season finale this week.

Teen Wolf fans initially saw Posey’s character thoroughly beaten by beta Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) in the mid-season finale. Then, to make matters worse, the Teen Wolf star was killed by the turncoat villain Theo (Cody Christian) before being revived in the waning minutes of the show by his mother, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio).

Tyler concedes to Entertainment Weekly that this may be Scott’s lowest point on Teen Wolf yet.

“So far, this is the lowest that we’ve seen him and I’ve only seen a couple of episodes from this next season and it carries on to the next season a little bit, but the finale is by far the lowest that we have ever seen Scott.”

Despite the despair his character undergoes in Teen Wolf during the last episode, Tyler Posey is happy to have this on-screen turn of events to build his character’s strength.

“He has no idea which was to turn. He doesn’t trust himself, and I love that. I just love Scott being broken down because it’s so unlike him. It’s been one of my favorite things to play this season and throughout the entire series of Teen Wolf. I love bringing Scott down to this low point because it’s so heroic when he comes back, if he comes back, and it’s just really nice to see this strong leader broken down.”

And there are no helping hands for Scott, either. Tyler explains that looking to pack member and former best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to rebuild their friendship won’t happen in the immediate future, Posey said in the interview.

“There’s no time to try to make amends and to rebuild the relationship right now, so we’re going to have to save that for some other time.”

Outside of acting, Tyler has been active training for a charity fight against radio host Michael Tully. Posey solicited Mario Lopez for guidance. Like his Teen Wolf character, Tyler took quite a beating in this match-up between current and past teen heartthrobs.

In addition to boxing, Tyler can be seen skating around enjoying the morning sun pants-less. In a video Posey posted the day after the Teen Wolf finale, Tyler can be seen skating in his bright orange skivvies.


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