Kristen Taekman’s Husband Accused Of Being A ‘Cheat And A Liar’ After Ashley Madison Revelation

Kristen Taekman is caught in the midst of a cheating scandal involving her husband, Josh Taekman. On Monday, news hit the web, claiming Josh had signed up for an Ashley Madison account in 2011, and logged into said account 62 times in the years that followed. However, because Josh initially denied the report, coming clean just hours later in an apology statement, he has now been labeled as a “cheat and a liar.”

On August 25, the UK’s Daily Mail revealed that while Kristen Taekman’s husband ultimately came clean about having an account with the cheating website, where married people are on the hunt to have affairs, he didn’t come completely clean. According to the site, Kristen Taekman’s husband was contacted immediately after the leak of names, and told Daily Mail the allegations were “f—ing bananas,” and claimed to be the victim of fraud.

“There’s not a shot in hell that I’m a subscriber. I have no knowledge of that this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. This is crazy. I saw it on the TV the other day about the security breach and we were laughing about it. It is what it is but somebody is definitely fraudulently using my name and number.”

Josh then told PEOPLE Magazine, “I signed up for the site foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends and I deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain I have brought to my wife and family. We both look forward to moving past this and getting on with our lives.”

In his statement to the magazine, Kristen Taekman’s husband admitted to signing up, but failed to reveal he spent an estimated $1,500 on the site — and joined while Kristen Taekman was pregnant with their second child. In addition, he logged into the site semi-regularly until mid-2014, when Kristen Taekman began starring on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New York City, and even used the site on the day after Christmas one year.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kristen Taekman stayed silent for the first day following the affair, but returned to Twitter on Tuesday to thank her many fans online for their ongoing support.

Kristen Taekman has not yet been confirmed to return to the possibly upcoming eighth season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

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