Peggy Hubbard Attacked On Social Media For Epic, Anti-Black Lives Matter Rant

Peggy Hubbard was attacked on social media following an epic rant condemning the Black Lives Matter movement.

The former IRS worker posted the viral video to Facebook and now is a topic of conversation not only on social media, but on national television. Peggy Hubbard — who is a black woman — has been attacked for the matter-of-fact video following the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl.

Hubbard posted this video to Facebook on August 20 and went on a rant about how the child was killed in Ferguson while doing her homework in her room. We warn you, if you haven’t seen this video it is NSFW due to graphic language.

Now, Peggy Hubbard is being attacked and she has once again taken to Facebook to express her disbelief about the position in which she finds herself in. Her video has been viewed thousands of times on social media and millions of times on YouTube.

Hubbard says she is shocked by the personal attacks she has received for speaking her mind on a subject that has affected many areas around the country. On Tuesday evening, once again, she used Facebook to defend herself against those attacking her.

“It’s astonishing to me. I have been attacked by different groups claiming to be apart of the ‘Black Lives Matters’ movement. For having an opinion that did not mirror nor support their cause. Now, instead of respecting me for having the conviction to stand up and saying what I did.”

“We have a dead 9-year-old girl and now, a dead 18-month-old toddler. Why are they rushing to protest these deaths? Didn’t they matter? Aren’t they worthy? Should the people that did this be held accountable?”

“Yesterday they rebuttal to my appearance on The Don Lemon show was. The black on black homicides I spoke of was a myth! No. The myth is you want us to believe ONLY black lives matters, when in reality ALL lives matters. We black people do not hold the monopoly on life. But, we are sure trying to hold that monopoly on death. You decide.”

A few days after the original video, Peggy Hubbard posted a more subdued explanation about why she was so upset in her original clip.

Peggy Hubbard’s attacks continue, but she is also getting a lot of support from complete strangers. Many commenters on Facebook are praising her bravery for speaking out so eloquently on a very controversial topic.

What do you think of the attacks against Peggy Hubbard, the woman who posted the Black Lives Matter rant on Facebook?

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