Who Won ‘Tough Enough’? WWE’s Big Winners Revealed

The season finale of WWE’s Tough Enough aired on Tuesday evening, and the male and female winners of a $250,000 contract were revealed.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The female competition came down to Sara Lee and Amanda. When the final votes were tallied, Sara garnered 64 percent of the vote from the Tough Enough audience, while Amanda came in with 36 percent of the vote. Sara earns a $250,000 contract with WWE as the victory of the 2015 season of Tough Enough.

The male competition ended with Josh taking on Z.Z. After the votes were counted, Josh tallied 70 percent of the audience vote versus 30 percent of the vote coming in for Z.Z. Josh also earns a $250,000 contract with WWE as the male winner of 2015’s edition of Tough Enough.

During the finale of the female Tough Enough competition, both Sara and Amanda wrestled a brief match against WWE’s Alicia Fox. Both competitors made full ring entrances and cut a promo in front of the live crowd before wrestling Fox.

Amanda wrestled first, coming out in a black and green top and shorts. She chose the name “Mandy Rose” for her Tough Enough character. Alicia Fox won the match via pinfall after a brief contest that included Amanda executing a sunset flip and a bulldog out of the turnbuckle. The match also included what appeared to be a wardrobe malfunction, as the cameras briefly went to black after Amanda was having trouble with her top.

In the end, Fox used a scissor kick to gain the victory. Amanda appeared athletic in the match, though there were some sloppy moments where she appeared to take some stiff shots from Fox. The judges seemed surprised at how physical some of the spots in the match were, including what appeared to be a very physical clothesline from Fox to Amanda.

Sara Lee wrestled next, coming out dressed as lumberjack in denim and a black and red plaid shirt. Sara chose the name “Hope” for her character, and she also ended the match on the receiving end of a scissor kick from Alicia Fox. The highlight of Sara’s performance was a spot where she executed a side Russian legsweep on Fox. She followed that up with a pinfall attempt and a brief attempt at a submission hold. Just like Amanda, Sara also had some awkward-looking spots in her performance, and it was noticeably less cohesive and slower than the previous match between Amanda and Fox.

ZZ was the first of Tough Enough’s male finalists to wrestle, coming down the aisle during his entrance with a long robe that included an alligator head placed over his own head as he was billed as “The King of the Bayou.” He wrestled in green and gold trunks, and he took on one of WWE’s best ring generals in Cesaro. Cesaro executed his signature moves on ZZ, including the big swing and uppercut, before winning the match by submission. The match looked more polished than both of the women’s matches, though it was also far from a smooth performance.

Josh came out wrestling as “The Yeti.” He wore a giant fur coat as he made his way down the Tough Enough aisle during his entrance, and he wrestled in grey trunks. Josh’s match included him executing two moves that he’s been working on as his signature moves, a big clothesline in the corner and a running powerslam. Cesaro won this match also by pinfall, following executing all of his signature spots on Josh which included the big swing and European uppercut.

Triple H congratulated the two winners of Tough Enough at the end of the show, as well as both runner-ups of the competition, as the broadcast went off the air.

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