What Does ‘Married To Medicine’ Star Heavenly Kimes Know About Gay Love Affair?

Married to Medicine star Heavenly Kimes has spent the season working on her new dating app and managing her dental career. And Heavenly has been keeping a low profile in regards to the drama surrounding her co-stars, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud. While it all started over a background check, things have quickly spiraled out of control. And now, Lisa’s husband Darren is being accused of sleeping with a younger man.

Heavenly Kimes may have an opinion about the entire thing, but she is keeping it all to herself. Maybe Kimes wants to focus on her business ventures instead of dealing with her co-stars’ drama. There have been accusations, rumors, and possible legal charges, so it makes sense that Heavenly wants to stay out of Married to Medicine drama.

According to a new Bravo report, Married to Medicine star Heavenly Kimes kept things very simple in her blog for the week.

“What do I know for sure?” Heavenly Kimes asks in her blog, which she follows up with, “I know nothing for sure!”

But Quad had plenty to say in her blog, but she stuck to the facts. While Heavenly Kimes didn’t insinuate that Quad was guilty, she wants to clear her name.

“Fact: I do not know Eye Liner, aka the man who told me he had a relationship with Darren. I only found out his birth name as he apologized on social media for dragging me into his love triangle after the show aired,” Married to Medicine star Quad revealed about her drama with Lisa.

“Fact: When he approached me he stated he read about Darren’s wife and my differences in the blogs. I can only assume that maybe he thought as the old saying goes, the enemy of his enemy would be his friend. That couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I don’t care to have anything to do with ‘SWSNBN’ or her personal affairs. I have no interest in ruining her family,” she adds, pointing out that Lisa will now be known as “she who shall not be named.”

It sounds like Heavenly doesn’t want to take sides. It will be better for Kimes to stay neutral and keep friendships alive rather than taking sides. Plus, if she takes sides, it is possible that some of her co-stars will make it a mission to destroy her and her business.

What do you think of Heavenly Kimes staying out of the drama and denying any knowledge of the cheating rumors?

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