Heidi Klum And Zac Posen Injured On Sets Of ‘Project Runway’ — How Serious Was The Injury?

Project Runway hosts Heidi Klum and her fellow judge and designer Zac Posen injured themselves on the set of the show. They managed to step on the same rusty nail and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Currently busy in the shooting of 14th season of Project Runway, Heidi Klum had to take a breather as she and her co-judge Zac Posen both accidentally stepped on rusty nails. The severity of the injury wasn’t immediately apparent, but the duo was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors assessed their condition. The medical staff confirmed that the injury wasn’t severe, but given the fact that they stepped on some old, rusty iron nails, doctors administered Tetanus shots.

Klum, 42, confirmed the minor accident and implied she was OK through a cute image of her and Posen on Instagram.


Making cute sad faces and dressed quite casually, coupling a loose-fitting black tank top with a pair of fitted, green camouflage trousers, she captioned the photo, “DONT STEP ON A RUSTY NAIL….. Well we both did #Bettersafethansorry @zac_posen.”

It is rather rare and surprising to see Heidi Klum without her makeup, but she still managed to look great with her hair tied back into a messy bun. Though she sported a cute and sad smile, Posen couldn’t get the expressions perfect as he looked more tired than worried. He was wearing a fitted button down shirt coupled with a pair of khaki trousers, reported the Daily Mail.

Despite the contrast in clothing styles, both were fitted with identical hospital identification bracelets and sat awkwardly on a bed showing off their damaged feet. It is clear from the photo that while Klum injured her right foot, Posen managed to injure his right one. Though opposite legs, both had stepped on the same nails. Interestingly, Posen shared the same photo Klum had uploaded, on his Instagram account, adding ‘#hospital #Tetanusshot #ProjectRunway’:


Besides Project Runway, Heidi Klum is appearing as a judge for the 10th season of America’s Got Talent. It is obvious her busy schedule can’t have such intermissions. However, when you step on some rusty nails, it is better to take a small break.

Heidi Klum has been embroiled in a rather strange battle with presidential hopeful Donald Trump, after the latter remarked she was longer a No. 10. Perhaps this injury may be chalked up as a battle scar?

[Image Credit | Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images]

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