Hulu goes International … well sort of

Hulu is a great service that allows you to watch all the cool television shows that all the networks with the exception of CBS decides they want you to see. There is only one problem with Hulu. If you don’t live in the US you’re shit out of luck because the networks who control what Hulu does says you can’t mainly because they can’t figure out how to advertize against it outside of the States. some will suggest that it is more of a copyright problem, which it is to a certain extent but in the end it’s all about the money – and control.

Now we hear though that miracles of miracles Hulu is starting to cut some deals with International television networks and movie companies. Of course the first thought is that finally we will be able to say goodbye to the stupid geotarding of shows we can watch. Visions of being able to watch some good quality television on the web begins to fill our thoughts.

Except for one thing.

The deals being cut from the sound of things is only for content that will be shown in the US on Hulu. So geotarding lives folks. There is no mention in the reports I have seen that these deals being inked mean that Hulu will start being available outside of the US. All we hear is how US audiences will now be able to see shows that they haven’t been able to up until these incredible deals being made.

In most cases, the launch of the programmes on Hulu will be the first time they have been seen by a US audience, with the advertising on the site generating a new revenue stream for the producers. “You have these hidden gems [like Green Wing] which the US audience just hasn’t seen before,” said Mr Forssell.


Guess these guys haven’t heard of BitTorrent or binary newsgroups, and they bitch about piracy.

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