Is Britney Spears Switching Sides? She Tells All Men To ‘Suck My…Toe’

It seems Britney Spears may be revealing a new twist to her personality, or at the very least, she may be coming clean about an old one. In her most recent public appearances, Spears promoted the virtues of girl power ( and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that) and followed that up with some remarks that could be taken to mean something deeper than most of Britney’s fans might have taken them to mean.

First, there was her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards, during which Spears told viewers and fans to be “fearless in your choices and don’t be afraid to be yourself,” according to Elle.

On its own, the advice given by Ms. Spears seems innocent enough and was certainly given to inspire and encourage the developing minds of young girls, but could there have been an underlying revelation there as well? Was Britney telling fans that she was about to reveal more about her own personality in an effort to follow her own advice?

Spears followed this up, as she returned to her residency in Vegas, performing her Piece of Me show this weekend, reports Entertainment Tonight. Was Britney sharing too much information, when she performed an intensely passionate rendition of “Slave 4 U” and followed that up with particularly revealing confession?

“I get so wet every time I do that! It’s really, really annoying!”

Spears has obviously forgotten about ex-boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, or perhaps it’s a case of selective amnesia, but whatever the reason, Britney was not shy about the joys of being single.

“Being single, for a year, has been very, very, very profound. And I feel like all men should suck…my…toe. “

Any takers?

Assuming the “Piece of Me” performer is seeking a less straight and narrow lifestyle based on this little bit may be a matter of jumping to conclusions? Fair enough.

Britney followed up her assertions about men by pulling a female fan from the audience, touting her opinion that “I love girls! They’re so beautiful!”

Britney Spears has never been one to follow a crowd and she may just be relishing the single life, or she may be preparing fans for the day when she comes out with a new female lover. Whatever the case, there can be little doubt that Britney is indulging in her newly found freedom and in the “girl power” that she’d though she’d lost. Either way, there can hardly be a better role model for those “beautiful girls” looking up at the stage in admiration of Ms. Britney Spears.

[Featured image: Britney Spears courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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