‘Games Of Thrones’ Spoiler: ‘Dead’ Character Spotted On Set Sparks Return Rumors

The spotting of a certain actor on the set of Game Of Thrones has started rumors that his character isn’t actually dead after all.

Now, as you can probably imagine, there are potential SPOILERS ahead. So, if you don’t want Game Of Thrones’ upcoming sixth season to be ruined for you, you probably shouldn’t read ahead.

Are they gone? Good. So, it’s been reported that actor Rory McCann, who played The Hound, otherwise known as Sandor Clegane, has been spotted close to the set of the show.

According to the Mirror, McCann was spotted checking into a hotel near to where Game Of Thrones‘ cast and crew are currently staying during shooting. The last that we saw of The Hound was in the final episode of Season 4 when he had fought Brienne Of Tarth.

During their fight, The Hound violently fell down the side of the mountain and we saw him covered in blood and asking Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams, to kill him. She refused, but we were left to assume that he’d suffered a long and painful death.

However, because we never actually saw him die, fans have since speculated that he could be alive. And this sighting, which saw him checking into the same hotel as the HBO drama’s team, will have fans excited that he will soon be gracing our screens again.

Watchers On The Wall, a fan run website that is dedicated to all things Game Of Thrones, were the first to report that Rory McCann had been seen in Belfast. They also added that McCann’s slate of projects don’t include him working in the city.

It’s still unclear how he would have survived his brutal fight with Brienne Of Tarth, who has been played by Gwendoline Christie throughout most of the show’s run, though. That’s because he fell head first down a cliff, broke his leg, and even had part of his ear bitten off. He was then left alone in the desolate hills, where it looked as though he would soon die.

The Hound’s story has also diverted drastically from the work of George R.R. Martin, which means that there are plenty of different ways for the character to make his triumphant return. However, it could also be that The Hound will only be returning in a flashback scene, or that McCann had returned to Belfast to catch up with his old colleagues.

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