One Direction On The Fast Track To Obscurity

Rumors that One Direction will split have been rife for months. Even prior to Zayn Malik walking out mid-tour, speculation has raged that One Direction’s time was over. One Direction were formed on the 2010 season of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor talent show. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson were brought together as a group to form One Direction after they failed to make it through “boot-camp” on the popular show. In the five years since that time, One Direction have confounded the critics by rolling out hit after hit.

Under Simon Cowell’s guidance, One Direction have scored four huge selling albums, each backed by successful world tours. There have been numerous signs over the past couple of years that One Direction were feeling the pressure of living life in the spotlight. There had been rumors for some time that Malik was ready to quit One Direction, and since those rumors proved to be true, the future has looked bleak for One Direction’s young fans.

One Direction follow a long line of “manufactured” pop bands. Westlife, Spice Girls, Take That, and numerous others have gone before and doubtless others will follow. The reality for bands like One Direction is that their careers are built on hype, and in many ways, that hype is what destroys them in the end. Having young girls scream your name everywhere you go, being followed by photographers, and having fans camping outside your hotel — or even your home — may seem surreal at first, but it quickly becomes intrusive.

The Guardian reports that One Direction’s demise is inevitable, and after five years, they have already enjoyed a longer run of success than many of their contemporaries. The Daily Mail reports that One Direction are to take a year-long break rather than a final split. Who knows? It may be that One Direction will reform at some point in the future for a lucrative series of shows, but it would seem likely that the days of 80-date world tours will end on Halloween this year.

For groups like One Direction, five years is generally seen as a lengthy lifespan, they appeal to a demographic that matures, grows up, and moves on quickly. It is rare for groups like this to survive for long after losing a member and it is even more rare for members to have a successful solo career.

There have been many stories linking various One Direction members with future careers, but it looks like as a band One Direction are on the fast track to obscurity.

As yet, One Direction have made no official comment about the stories that they are to split.

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