Delayed Flight Breakup: Woman Live-Tweets Couple’s Awkward Breakup On Delayed Flight [Photo]

Breaking up is hard to do. However, a recent viral breakup seems to have been a bit awkward not only for the couple involved, but also the people around them. Apparently, they decided to call it quits onboard an aircraft in the presence of other passengers.

Of course, couples have “lover’s quarrels” from time to time, but this guy made it clear that he’d had enough of his girlfriend. So, he broke up with her while they were on a delayed flight. Shocking enough? Well, there’s more. A female passenger on the plane decided to share the details of their breakup with the world. She live-tweeted the downward spiral of their relationship as the walls came crashing down.

On Sunday, August 23, Kelly Keegs took to Twitter with a jaw-dropping tweet about the man’s announcement. The tweet, which included a picture of the couple sitting just a few seats away, revealed the guy had just broken up with his girlfriend. Needless to say, she didn’t take the rejection well. The sobbing is what prompted Keegs to listen a bit closer to the nature of their argument, reports E! News.

The live-tweet quickly caught the attention of Twitter users, who immediately began re-sharing the shocking tweet with their follows. However, Keegs didn’t stop with just one tweet. She even included a series of tweets offering full play-by-play of their argument with captions detailing their entire conversation.

Here are the rest of the tweets.

Of course, the live-tweeted breakup has received mixed reviews. While some Twitter users found the play-by-play as interesting as watching a soap opera on daytime television, others felt Keegs should not have aired the couple’s personal moment. However, many other Twitter users argued that although their personal moment was made public, they shouldn’t have discussed personal matters in public to begin with, let alone while sitting inside a plane with other passengers.

But, of course, most people often say things they don’t mean in the midst of an argument. Apparently, that’s what happened with this couple. According to Elite Daily, Keegs provided another update about the couple once the plane took off. It seems as if they’d patched things up! Not only did they order lots of liquor to knock the edge off, but they also had a few intimate moments.

What do you think about the live-tweets from the delayed flight breakup? Share your thoughts.

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