‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Austin Matelson Has New Target In ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers again show that Austin Matelson can’t make up his mind. The BB17 house is preparing for the Veto ceremony on Monday (August 24), but it hasn’t stopped the paranoia from increasing yet again. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the target for Week 9 became very clear when Vanessa Rousso won the Veto. The nominees (John McGuire and Steve Moses) will remain the same for the upcoming eviction. What has shifted again, though, is who Austin wants to go to the jury the following week.

Austin has made a big deal about getting Vanessa out of the BB17 house over the past few weeks. It goes back to before the jury even started forming, when he opined that it was time to get her out. Despite being presented with many opportunities, he and his alliance have continuously moved on to other targets. Even as they prepare to vote out John at the next eviction ceremony, Austin, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan had been stating that Vanessa needs to leave right after him. A report from fan site Big Brother Network indicates they might not feel that way now.

As these latest Big Brother 17 spoilers point out, current HOH Austin Matelson wants Steve Moses gone next. He and the twins are starting to consider him a loose cannon, especially with the stress he created by not wanting to go up on the block this week. Steve knows fully well that “pawns go home” in this game, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens to him. That’s exactly what will happen to John McGuire, who still seems to feel very safe with the lies he has been told by Austin about Vanessa and Steve being the real targets this week.

Nothing is going to happen at the Veto ceremony, as Vanessa has no plans to use the power. It means the nominations will remain the same and the house will vote to evict either Steve Moses or John McGuire on Thursday night (August 27). Unless something big takes place before that night, John is going to become the next member of the BB17 jury. He will then have a shot to re-enter the house, when the jury members all compete for a second chance.

It appears that mistakes Steve made earlier this season are about to catch up with him. Failing to align with the right people, and continuing to go against the side of the house that was willing to work with him and not just use him, will be his ultimate downfall. At this point, Steve will need to start winning a lot of competitions if he wants to avoid becoming the fifth member of the BB17 jury in Week 10. Winning the next HOH competition could make these Big Brother 17 spoilers moot for Steve Moses. As for John McGuire, he is now on the clock.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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