Bloggers headed to the sea

If there is one thing you can say about the US military it is that while they may be conflicted about soldiers using social media the military as a whole are more than willing to reach out to it in a big way. Everything from blogging Generals to flying Guy Kawasaki out to the USS Stennis for a 26 hour tour.

It turns out that the Navy has decided to expand on that trip by inviting 15 bloggers out to the USS Nimitz and these aren’t just military oriented bloggers either. Given the list of names those partaking of the trip are the who’s who across a wide spectrum of blogging niches

The other participants are:

  • Charlene Li
  • Beth Blecherman
  • Jennifer Leo
  • Jenny Lawson
  • Pamela Slim
  • Penelope Trunk
  • Jennifer Van Grove
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Bill Reichert
  • Jefferson Wagner
  • Robert Scoble
  • Mike Arrington
  • and Steve Wozniak.

Source: Andy Sernovitz – one of the 15 bloggers

You got to admit that’s a list of some pretty big names in the blogging world.

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