WWE News: John Cena Reportedly Buried Charlotte’s WWE Divas Title Plans And Divas Revolution

Being a top WWE star comes with great responsibilities. Not only do they have to be at every show, make numerous appearances in the media, and give back to the community, but they are subject to most of the criticism from the WWE Universe. In today’s WWE, two stars have continuously been accused for “burying” stars.

For those that aren’t on top of wrestling lingo, burying in wrestling terminology means a wrestler backstage halts a push that a young star is getting for political reasons. Burying somebody isn’t exclusively political, which is why young stars could get buried just because they aren’t well liked.

WWE has been accused of burying stars and halting pushes before. Let the record show that no case has ever been confirmed by the WWE, but this isn’t the first rumor to gain traction. This specific case deals with the WWE Divas division and the Divas Revolution.

If it appears that Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch haven’t made a huge impact on WWE television, then that opinion is slightly correct. Not one woman has even challenged Nikki Bella for her WWE Divas title. According to WrestleZone.com, there’s a reason why a NXT woman hasn’t fought for the belt and why John Cena’s being accused of halting the Divas Revolution.

“According to several sources in WWE, the original plan for WWE’s ‘Divas Revolution’ called for Charlotte to win the title from Nikki Bella almost immediately upon arrival, and for Charlotte, Sasha Banks andBecky Lynch to dominate the incumbents. But John Cena, acting on behalf of girlfriend Nikki Bella, went to Vince McMahon and had that squashed.”

WrestleZone has always given the WWE Universe non-biased reporting and accurate sourcing. However, John Cena isn’t the type of WWE star to bury anybody. Regardless of Internet Wrestling Community members complaining about Cena beating Owens two straight PPVs, Cena isn’t a WWE official.

By simply looking at both sides, there’s logic present. Would Cena want his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, to break AJ Lee’s record reign of 296 days holding the Divas title? As a significant other, Cena presumably wants nothing more than to see his girlfriend happy. Professionally-speaking, the 15-time WWE champion is the farthest thing from a political junkie backstage.

Nikki Bella, who is a big fan of the Divas Revolution, has eyed the record of days holding the Divas championship longer than the NXT women’s run on the WWE main roster. This isn’t meant to rule out the possibility of Cena breaking the big push for Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch. It’s purpose is to look at both sides of the story before accusing. Stay tuned for more developments on this story.

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