Spotify Users Left Outraged At Privacy Policy Update

Spotify users around the world have been left outraged at the latest privacy policy update. They want to know just how the music streaming service could use all the new information asked for in the update. Some of the information includes access to photos, phone contacts and voice commands.

The company states that the information is optional in many cases. Location of users is one form of information being asked for, but Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, made it clear that users can opt out of sharing this. There will be some information that cannot be blocked, such as the information that the company asks from third parties.

According to The Telegraph, the new information will be used to improve the service for individuals. For example, getting a location would make Spotify able to offer local advertisements for those on the free service. More targeted advertisements will also be better for other companies, since they increase their chances of getting customers or clients.

That has not stopped users from being angry. Many took to Twitter to make it clear they were cancelling their Spotify subscriptions and closing their accounts. Both free and premium users have been affected by the decision. Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson is just one of the high-profile users who announced he would close his account, according to The Guardian.

The Spotify CEO has since apologized for the update, giving more information about how it will be used. He then tweeted Persson, asking him to go to the blog to read the apology. One thing Ek made very clear is that users do not need to give up the information. However, this has not settled users.

While many users would like to close their accounts, they still want access to the music. This has led to a dilemma. One user made it clear on Twitter that, while he wants to close the account, he does not know what to use instead. Music on the go and free streaming has become an important service for many individuals around the world. Some users did offer other ideas for free streaming.

Ek announced in the apology blog post that the privacy policy will update again in a few weeks. This will explain more about how the information will be used. The question is whether it will be enough to win users back. Many want to see Spotify scrap the new privacy policy completely, saying that it is asking for too much private information.

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