WWE News: The Undertaker’s Collapse After Brock Lesnar Match At ‘WWE SummerSlam’ Due To Health Problems? [Video]

The Undertaker has been furious over losing his match to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. It was the match that snapped his over 20-year undefeated streak at the event. While Undertaker has claimed on television that the loss wasn’t the part that made him furious — it was the fact that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar kept on talking about it that upset him. However, most feel that the loss still affected him, and he wanted to take out Lesnar due to it.

The match at WWE SummerSlam last night ended up in a screwjob. The Undertaker tapped out at the hands of Brock Lesnar, this much is fact. The referee did not see it, and the bell that sounded ended up causing enough controversy to distract that ref and allow Undertaker to low blow Lesnar. He then put Lesnar in the Hell’s Gate submission move, causing Lesnar to pass out and lose.

While the match ended in controversy, we will most likely find out why everything happened the way it did on WWE RAW tonight. Coming out of SummerSlam, there are a lot of topics we could discuss. However, the big story today is about The Undertaker collapsing. Fans were able to capture video of Undertaker walking to the back after his match. The video then shows Undertaker falling down and crawling his way to the back.

You can see the video of the ordeal below.

Essentially, The Undertaker collapsing is terrible. It shows that he put all he had in the match, which is great. However, if this match were to happen again, then we have a lot to worry about.

The last time he fought Lesnar, at WrestleMania 30, he collapsed in the back and was rushed to a nearby hospital. He was diagnosed with a concussion, among other things. There is no word on if Taker was taken to the hospital last night. However, Taker did rise back up after he fell down. Some would call what happened to The Undertaker as a trip. It looked like he simply ran out of ability to move for a moment. The fact that he had to basically crawl to the back is worrisome. There is some speculation that there is a lot going on with The Undertaker that WWE isn’t letting out.

It makes WWE potentially worried that another match with Lesnar could hurt Taker beyond all measure. While Undertaker is as tough as they come, the man has taken a beating inside a ring for over 30 years. He only works a few times a year or just once. His next match should come at WrestleMania 32, but if he faces Lesnar, there we might have to worry about his health yet again.

Paul Heyman commented on the video of Taker collapsing via Twitter, saying like a true gentleman advocate, “GLORY GLORY BROCK LESNAR!”

We should hear more about The Undertaker tonight on WWE RAW. However, we can expect that Heyman will dig into this entire ordeal. It would not be surprising if the duo opened the show and decided to make some demands. The Undertaker is scheduled for RAW tonight, but due to what happened last night, there is some speculation that he may not be on the show.

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