Is Fatherhood The Key To More Frequent And Better Sex? One Study Says Yes

Sharing the responsibilities of raising children has been found to make couples happier, and happy couples have sex more frequently and more passionately than non-happy couples. It was also discovered that when women carry out most of the parental duties, men have less sex with their partners. The more men carry out parental tasks, the more they are attractive to their female partners and the more sex they have.

A new study called the 2006 Martial and Relationship Study involved a survey of 500 heterosexual marriages and found that fathers who are more fatherly, had an intense sex life. Why is this the case? Well, according to the survey, the role of the man has evolved and now being a man is the equivalent of being a good dad.

The role of the man, as the world used to know it, was that of the bread winner. The role of the woman, was that of the homemaker. Now, psychologically, men are more attracted to women who have careers and women are more attracted to men who are family oriented. Recently, the author of the study, Daniel Carlson explained the dynamics of the new male role and how it contributes to his sex life.

“Relationships with respect to child care have changed greatly over time. And even though there’s really not been much research specifically on the role of child care, we have known for a while that sharing labor equally, whether paid or unpaid, is something that couples have been moving towards, and appears to be something they seem to prefer.”

Based on the data collected from the survey, teamwork is what lifts the female libido, not having the man do all of the parenting himself. Carlson interpreted the libido lift to be the response to the feeling of true partnership, which for both the man and woman, leads to happiness and comfort.

“The main story here is that this study clearly shows that when it comes to child care, when couples share the workload and both partners pitch in, it produces higher quality solid relationships, less conflict, better communication and more intimacy.”

The exact numbers from the data collected and presented to the American Sociological Association show that in families where women performed 60 percent of the parenting, had the least amount of relationship satisfaction and therefore did not frequently have sex. According to BBC, the lack of teamwork in the partnership is equality psychologically detrimental to both parties.

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