Nick Peterson Doesn’t Have A Problem ‘Stealing Someone’s Woman’: Will Samantha Dump Joe For Nick On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

Joe Bailey is in for a rude awakening when Nick Peterson arrives on Bachelor in Paradise on Week 4. The Bachelor Pad 3 winner tells Chris Harrison that he wants to go on a date with Samantha Steffen and makes it clear that he doesn’t have a problem “stealing someone’s woman.”

Unlike Joe, Nick was honest from minute one about his connection with Samantha before the show. In ABC‘s preview (below) for Sunday night’s show, Peterson admits that he texted, talked, and met Steffen before Paradise started filming. When he walks up to greet the other BIP contestants, Samantha is sitting close to Joe but quickly moves away — a sign that she’s not so committed to the “Gimme Dat Rose” guy after all?

Nick wants to give his first date card to Samantha, but plays it cool and takes Ashley S. instead — and that turns out to be an interesting experience with a bird coaching Ashley to grab Nick’s “package” while he gets a massage. What is it with the talking animals in Paradise?

Although Nick seems to enjoy his date, it’s clear that Samantha is the girl he wants to get to know — or get to know more since he admitted that they knew each other before the show. Once word gets to Joe Bailey that his girl was talking to Nick prior to filming, the drama will once again kick into high gear.

Will Samantha choose Nick over Joe or is she still #UndertheJoeSpell? [Spoilers ahead]

Spoilers reveal that Samantha and Joe get into an argument when he finds out that she was texting and talking to Nick. Sounds like Joe thought he was the only guy on her speed dial. When the next rose ceremony rolls around, Sam gives her rose to Dan instead of Joe, but don’t worry, there’s no “love square” there — she has her sights on Nick.

According to Reality Steve, Ashley S. gives her rose to Nick, so Samantha has to pick someone — and apparently wants it to be anyone but Joe. Safe to say she’s no longer under his spell and Joe heads home to burn all of his hate mail.

By the time the season finale airs on September 7, Samantha and Nick will be one of three couples who leave the show in a relationship. Rumors indicate that they are still dating — something Joe may talk about when he appears on Monday night’s live After Paradise show.

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